Ep #19 | Pot Holes & FOX Dens

Today on High-Dere, Ian and Joe explore their thoughts on perceptions and censorship as it relates to the world around us.  We discuss the infinite possibilities of truth and how important it is to be able to observationally navigate through information rather than blindly accepting things as they are presented.  


We also relate how the world is manipulated through corporate media, how it effects community and the importance of examining everything in the pursuit of knowing who we truly are as humans and the responsibility we have to each other and our planet. But then again, what the hell do we know?


Additionally, we touch on Michel Gondry’s animated film Is the Man who is Tall Happy? Noam Chomsky reminds us what it is to truly think and have original thoughts in this mind-opening conversation piece.


Shout Outs: Bad Reception - The Sociable Homeschooler - Quadcast


Additionally, we officially invite Michel Gondry Aziz Ansari and Five for Fighting on the show!



Outfoxed : Rupert Murdoch's War On Journalism

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