Ep #67 | Killer Jack

This week we make like Killer Jack and share bittersweet news about our campaign for Thoughtform, the future of controlled technology and explore the strange new paradigm of an awakening world.

We share our gratitude to our "31 Soldiers" who supported our campaign, talk CGI from The Revenant (2016) vs Lord Of The Rings (2001), subscription based services, FBI vs Apple, the mysterious death of Antonin Scalia and how unlimited power breeds competitive corruption.

We close out with our thoughts on what we think makes a person strong and how forgiveness is key when moving toward fruitful solutions. All this and so much more on this weeks High-Dere!

Shout out: Kickstarter Backers (WE LOVE YOU), Kate McKinnon, Killer Jack

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Solutions Toward a Thriving World w/ Foster Gamble - https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=wr2kEa4EWtU

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