Ep #65 | Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

We take a step back into the early 90s to examine television then vs today while questioning the current big business trend of corporatizing communities into artificial shells. Ian shares an interesting article which spawns our thoughts on the collective consciousness and how it's easily manipulated through the media. Before daydreaming about the future of true spiritual freedom, we get lost in the rat race of our human history and the effects that cause fatigued members of society to "exit the game" to live in the woods.

We try our best not to bite our nails while giving an update about our Thoughtform Kickstarter campaign and passionately remind ourselves to chill our brainwaves with the sounds of Galveston beach.

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Shout Out: Travis Davenport, Jaleel White, Darius McCrary (Eddie Winslow), West of the Rockies, AM After Hours

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