Ep #64 | Rumpelstiltskin

High-Dere! This week get into a deep conversation about creating viral content, accidentally farting in public before veering back on track to share some very odd news about our Kickstarter campaign for our short horror film, Thoughtform.

Ian shares a story about when his dad scared the shit out of him, then we ponder how to deal with being overwhelmed, our love/hate relationship of studio theme songs and how they make impressions on our movie watching experience. Joe talks about one of his favorite books, The Four Agreements as well as an exclusive sketch he wrote, First Cousin Twice Removed. "Rumspringa!"

We make like the town crier and give a shout to the Amish while questioning Mos Def's defective "world" passport before having to make an emergency cut-in to give our listeners some insane and creepy last minute news about stuff that's going down in real time with our campaign. This week is one for the books!

Please support our film on Kickstarter by visiting thoughtformfilm.com. Anything helps!

If you're Amish and listen to our show, we'd love to hear from you!

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