Ep #63 | Leatherface Love

This week we have exciting news to share about some of the support we've been receiving on our campaign and, in general, how much we wish everything was free. Our "Cinderella dreams" come true when we question the validity of a "thoughtform" while facing our fears by contacting the number from oliviamabel.com. Yes, we left a message.

We invite you to join us as we attempt to walk toward solutions to bettering our campaign, Joe gives some final awkward thoughts about pursuing dreams vs. monetary illusions. Catch us live this Thursday night (1/28,7pm PST) on AM After Hours as we guest about our short horror film! All this and more on this weeks High-Dere!

Check out our Kickstarter campaign and please share: thoughtformfilm.com

Shout out: Marty Feldman, Music Bed, Joe Rogan

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