Ep #62 | Tainted Titty Milk

High-Dere! This week we're "hot and ready" like Little Caesar and announce the launch of our Kickstarter campaign for our short horror film, Thoughtform. Before jumping out of the gate, we pay homage to legends David Bowie, Alan Rickman and Lemmy Kilmister who've recently passed away this month… with a little surprise visit by Severus Snape of Harry Potter!

Nothing is safe as we debate the ridiculousness of the explosively popular Hoverboard, How to properly ride a unicycle and snapping your ankle while wearing Heelys. We talk about the importance of flowering your creativity, Take a stroll through the evolution of The Beatles and share Joe's cover of When I'm Sixty-Four. We get into some of the details about our Kickstarter campaign, how you can support and what all of this hard work has meant for ElfTree Media.

Between the contemplations of mother birds throwing up in their babies mouths and the importance of raising a child without tainted titty milk, Ian shares some amazing financial advice his mum instilled within him while growing up. We round things out by sharing the importance of nutrition, exercise and what happens when you decide to get "back on the bike" and make healthier choices. All this and more on this weeks episode of High-Dere!

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