Ep #61 | Forming a Thought

This week High-Dere is back with a vengeance, and a special guest, Martyn.

Come with us in the first show of 2016 as we give everyone the low-down on what ElfTree Media has been up to in the weeks we’ve been gone; fabricating a short film, Thoughtform, based on the Olivia Mabel story heard in Ep #52.
Hear us go on about our process developing the story, orchestrating the test shoot for the teaser, and compiling a top-notch Kickstarter campaign to raise our $10,000 goal.

From January 18th-February 17th, 2016, go to thoughtformfilm.com and support our drive to make Thoughtform. Donate and/or share our efforts; let’s try and get as many eyeballs on this as possible.

All that, and a little more on this week’s episode of High-Dere.

Shout out to Monica for Feeding the Tree and being our first ElfTree Podcast Network supporter, and to Jennifer for her invaluable suggestions on our Kickstarter campaign.

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