Ep #57 | Green Salsa

This week on High-Dere we talk about how people change, and how people change people.

Have you ever heard yourself on a recording and heard a side of you that was so awakening to you that it changed some of your behaviors forever? And to have it all happen because of some Karma was just the icing on the cake for Joe.
People change throughout their whole lives, and we talk about growing up and being the same person, yet different. We also bring up how weird it’s going to be to see Harrison Ford as Han Solo again after all these years.

And then we wrap up this week by talking about how, in order to be able to make a real impact in the world, all we might have to do this show is make a difference in one single mind, and then change will take it from there.

All this and more on a brisk new episode of High-Dere.

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