Ep #54 | Dead Until Proven Living

This week on High-Dere, Ian and Joe back up for a little 54 episode look back on how things have gone in over 1 year of ElfTree Podcast Network.

Get a little real with us as we examine how working together has evolved in the past year and what we’ve learned about ourselves and our abilities to get done the things that we’re getting done. And how everyone is allowed to change your mind, learn, and evolve our thoughts, points of view and goals throughout our lifetime.

Then we announce the completion of the first draft script for Tulpa, our first ElfTree Media short film, written and directed by Martyn Eaden, based on the story we found a few weeks ago about Olivia Mabel. And you should keep your eyes open for our Kickstarter, coming soon!!!

And we wrap it all around to hearing how unbelievable it is how many hoops one has to jump through to prove to the Social Security Administration that you AREN’T dead after a “clerical error” has mistakenly frozen your assets and essentially wiped you out of existence. All on this week’s real and raw episode of High-Dere.

SHOUT OUT to Window to the Wild. Check them out on GoFundMe!
And all credit to Trevor Noah and The Daily Show for writing the Monopoly joke that Ian used!

And if you have any sort of legal issues or needs, High-Dere recommends Legal Shield as a solution. Easy to use and you get peace of mind knowing that someone will walk you through your every legal requirement.

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