Ep #53 | All The Whammies!

This week on High-Dere we celebrate Ian's 30th birthday and press our luck with a creepy story that we've decided to write and develop into a script.

Ian starts the show by taking us through the 1984 story of Michael Larson, the legendary Press Your Luck game show winner, who took home a whopping $110,237 after figuring out the pattern of the game to avoid the bankrupting Whammies… or did he? We take a sharp turn down humanity street by questioning the motives behind those defunding Planned Parenthood while reflecting on the powerful magic of words and how it effects those around us.

We wrap things up with a challenge by igniting our creative brains into a frenzy over Olivia Mabel's death and how we're going to fill in the gaps as to how we think she met her end. All this and more on Episode 53 of High-Dere!

Shout Out to Greg Proops, Fields Afire and, of course, Dave Foley (Michael Larson)!

For more reading, check out:

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Big Bucks - The Press Your Luck Scandal - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzNMCXWCZzQ

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