Ep #52 | GMOlivia Mabel

This week on High-Dere we give the world something everyone wants out of a weekly show. Enough episodes to fill a full year!!!!

Today Joe brings to the table an article about a particular pesticide present and engineered into BT crops by Monsanto that is actually causing new allergies in people (like gluten intolerance) and literally eating away at our intestines. Dr. Jaydee Hanson’s words walk us through the complex science of GMOs which, like it or not, are already on your plate every day!

Then, after a commercial break, Ian reads a tale he ran across about Olivia Mabel, a woman in Texas who was found mysteriously dead in her house. Local legend has morphed the story into one of potential Tulpa creation, so it definitely caught our attention.

All this and an Epic IPA by Mammoth Brewing Company on this week’s episode of High-Dere.

If you want to read more on this week’s topics, click the links below!

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Article about Cry Proteins in BT Crops : http://elftree.co/bt-crops

The Center for Food Safety : http://www.centerforfoodsafety.org/#

Jaydee Hanson on LinkedIn : http://elftree.co/jaydee-hanson

Wiki Article on the Center for Food Safety : http://elftree.co/cfs-wiki

Activist Facts About Us Page : http://elftree.co/activist-facts-about

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The Story of Olivia Mabel : http://elftree.co/olivia-mabel

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