Ep #51 | DuDu in the Pont

This week on High-Dere we shout out a lot of podcasts and people we met at Los Angeles Podcast Festival 2015!

Live podcast performances and comedians that are all a little bit insane were in abundance at LA Podfest, and we got to experience podcasting in a whole new way. Shout outs and a list of our favorite shows below.

Then we learn about the DuPont company and the spin being put on a legal case in which they are being sued for causing cancer due to chemically contaminated drinking water. Really, our question is why it’s acceptable to have ANY chemicals in our drinking water? It’s not an issue of what’s safe for human consumption (and by who’s standards?) but why it’s even happening in the first place.

And we ask the question “Shouldn't an artist’s art be judged separately from the individual and their actions?” All this and more on Episode 51 of High-Dere.


Shows to Check Out:

Hollywood and Crime


The Todd Glass Show

With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus

Thank You Internet

Out of the Box Podcast

Girl on Guy

The Smartest Man In The World

The Dollop

Shout Out to Dylan and Nils Lundquist, The Church Sisters and Ms. Bonnie Rotten!

Also, a major shout out to all of our listeners from around the world! If you’re listening, reach out on Twitter!

For more reading, check out the links below!

The Intercept Article: The Teflon Toxin - [http://elftree.co/intercept-dupont

A Little Bit about Dupont - http://elftree.co/dupont-wiki

The Manhattan Project - http://elftree.co/manhattan-proj

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