Ep #37 | Funky Buttlovin'

This week on High-Dere, Ian & Joe get passionate and real with their thoughts and opinions, which is pretty much just like any other show.

With the reveal of the existence of Caitlyn Jenner, Ian & Joe find themselves entrenched in conversation about identities, ADHD and medication for it, derailing a train, and living in a Dick-less world.

And by that, we mean RIP Phillip K. Dick.

We hear about mid-air laser projections, Project Soli and then we get motivated by Shia LaBeouf.

Which, by the way, we’re going to leave that video here, in it’s long form, because we’d like the excuse to have everyone get motivated to JUST DO IT!

We hear why coincidence in social media happen and what we might be currently being distracted from. Some shady things going on, and Ian & Joe feel like we have the right to be left alone to our own privacy.

Then we invite Hanson and Imogen Heap on the show.

And shout out Shania Twain

They wrap up the show with how impressionable people seem to be, by reading an article from Adbusters, and the strange things that happen to us in our own beds. That’s this week’s episode of High-Dere.

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