Ep #49 | WTF WTO

This week on High-Dere, we examine corporations, governments and thoughtforms that overstep their bounds and are wreaking havoc over the world.

We start off talking about the Netflix show Narcos, the story of Pablo Escobar and the struggle against extradition and the DEA. This leads us to chat about the financial industry and black budgets, missing money and the covering up of paper trails, and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) brought about by the World Trade Organization (WTO).

And to wrap it all up, we hear a story Ian found on Reddit about a man who thinks he might be a Tulpa that he created as a child inhabiting his physical body, different from the person he was when he was born. Check it out on this week’s episode of High-Dere.


Shout out to Jen Briney and her podcast Congressional Dish! Thank you for all you do and please keep up the good work!

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