Ep #20 | Grey God Theory

Today on High-Dere, Ian & Joe talk about a ton of important shit.

We discuss Martin Luther King and the unfortunate reality of segregation being alive and well around the world, and then we move on to the Academy Awards and how quite a few movies this year presented a very one-of-a-kind view of life and making films along with opinions of Wes Anderson's greatness and our possible predictions for Birdman taking the cake.

We also hear how forging a friendship and partnership are ridiculously similar and how communication is a key piece in both of them.  And then we finish up hearing how the BBC feels humanity might meet it’s end…either in this decade, or over a millennium from now...or quite possibly before you finish reading this...

All this and more on this weeks episode!

Hosts: Ian McNeny, Joe Moralez


We officially invite to the show:

Wes Anderson

Michael Keaton

LL Cool J

Mila Kunis AS Meg Griffin

Ashton Kutcher

The Ghost of Michael Jackson

The Ghost of Dennis Hopper

and Steven Seagal to the show!


Check out the full video of Ashton Kutcher that we played a clip from.

Shout Out to Pulp Epic!  More news on that coming soon!

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