Ep #2 | Ready, Set, High-Dere!

During today’s episode, we look back on the event that jump started the impromptu launch of High-Dere.

From a seemingly off-the-cuff movie viewing and podcast episode came the most golden shower we could have ever imagined, which set us off on a roller coaster ride for the next 24 hours.

We went from having no ideas how to work our back end and only having a url, to launching a basic but sweet as hell landing page, complete with a full length preview of our first episode and self-masturbatory embed of the Kevin Smith Q&A answer video.

Somehow in there we talked about Rock Climbing legend Alex Honnold.

Hear how we got everything started, and then come with us to the past, and our actual first episode ever!

Special Appearance by Madison Leigh Rae

Shout Outs: Squarespace |  Lotus Vegan  

Guests Invited: Kevin Smith | Aaron Paul


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