Ep #1 | Full #WalrusYes

On our premiere episode, we talk about “Tusk,” the bizarre new midnight movie from @thatkevinsmith.  

With special guest host, Martyn, Ian and Joe react to the 4:20 screening of “Tusk” which was followed by a brief (but overall hearty) Q&A, in which Kevin spent over half his allotted time answering Ian’s question.

And wouldn’t you know it, Joe got it all on video.


With three different perspectives on Smith’s previous body of work before going on, our 3 heroes spend the show unwrapping a warped tale, it’s inspired back-story, and the word-less emotions of Mr. Tusk, Justin Long.

All while trying to avoid getting slapped in the face with Coke Dick.

Special Guest Host: Martyn Eaden

with a monologue by Kevin Smith.


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