Ep #15 | Ian, Martyn & Joe

This week on Earthship Radio the boys of 3Amoviegos trade in their sombreros for powdered wigs as they cross the "perverbial pond" to discuss the circus behind the UK General Elections, Why the royal family exists, taxation and how we could positively change our communities instead of leaving them prey to vulture politicians.

They pontificate on elections in general and why people have become complacent with the same corrupt political charades we've all grown to disdain.  
Ian shares a story about the Garland, Tx "terrorist" shooting at the Mohammed drawing contest and the fear it creates when the media chooses to present the domestic terrorism script to the public which only further demonizes certain religions.  They talk about different cultures, "The American Experiment" and how fear is a tool being used to control peoples behavior.

Par for the course with this bunch, they skip a little further down the hole toward the urban mystery of marijuana prohibition and the magical powers of this little green gift of the Earth.
They skim the surface of Gnosticism, God and the Devil, GMO foods, A possible "Big Reveal" of hidden secrets to the world, How children are programmed with dogma of the past and How we can progress as a technologically eco-conscious society.  All up for ear grabs on this weeks episode of Earthship Radio.

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