Ep #31 | The Revenant

Set in 1823 Montana, The Revenant follows Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio), a hunter with knowledge of the area and natives, as he leads a party of trappers through the wilderness of the Louisiana Purchase. But when Glass disturbs a grizzly bear with cubs, he is badly mauled and becomes a burden on the remaining members of the party.

John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) volunteers to stay behind with Glass’ son to see that he’s comfortable and has a proper burial upon his death. A misconstrued act of mercy leads to Glass’ son’s murder, and Fitzgerald flees. Left for dead, Glass must now overcome his fatal injuries and make his way across unforgiving wilderness to take his revenge on his son’s killer.

Plus an update on our Kickstarter campaign. All that and more on this weeks 3Amoviegos!


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