Ep #30 | The Martian

This week on 3Amoviegos, we go off world and eat feces-covered potatoes in Ridley Scott’s The Martian.

The Martian is directed by Ridley Scott based on a screenplay by Drew Goddard that was adapted from Andy Weir's 2011 novel. After a catastrophic Martian sandstorm, astronaut Mark Whitney (Matt Damon) finds himself marooned on Mars by his crew who, along with NASA, believes him to be dead. Unable to contact NASA, he is forced to use his knowledge, wit and willpower to survive until the next scheduled mission three years away. Once NASA discovers that Whatney is still alive everyone on earth, along with the remaining crew on their return journey from the red planet, band together to save the intrepid and colonizing space pirate before he starves to death.

Hear us marvel at the power of human will and feel the hope that radiated from The Martian as we concurrently celebrate the day of one of our Amoviegos birth! All on this week’s episode of 3Amoviegos.

Shout out to Korda Studios in Budapest, and to Benedict Wong for his performance!

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