Ep #10 | Boyhood

This week the 3Amoviegos talk about the films nominated for Best Picture Academy Awards and give an idea for who they think the winners might be.  And then they chat about Boyhood.  

From the poor decisions of Patricia Arquette’s character, Mom, to the truth being passed down from Ethan Hawke’s Dad, all being filtered and observed from the very calm and collected eyes of Ellar Coletrane’s Mason.

Sit with us through our discussion of a 3 hour movie that could have easily been 2.  Then consider possibilities as we hear Ian’s story about seeing a UFO.  All that and more on this weeks 3Amoviegos!

We officially invite Peter Dinklage on the show and Shout Out to Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX.

Ian’s Harry Potter Museum photos below…

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